Amazon Seller/Vendor Central App

App Description

  • To make our onboarding easy, quick, and secure, we developed an Amazon app to connect
    your Amazon APIs to XPN’s advanced analytics server.

The app is easy to use, right after you register to our analytics service, you will get an
app authorization link, clicking the link will connect your Amazon’s APIs to our server.
Approving the app will enable the following capabilities:

Multi-Touch attribution modeling new-to-Engage matric

LTV for Sellers and Vendors across all advertising channels

Incrementally matric (Discover which campaigns drive incrementality
and track your overall progress)

Budgets deployment

With XPN, you can calculate how your Sponsored Products campaigns influence LTV

unlocking additional budgets to deploy. For the first time, you can discover which keywords drive more NTB sales.
Then, prioritize budgets that push new customers to order your brand's products.

New-to-Engage is XPN's unique KPI for customers looking to boost brand awareness and visibility.
Discover how efficient your media is in capturing attention.


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