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Take the Shortcut to KPIs That Matter

Are you still drinking from the data firehose with no clear way to achieve actionable insights? XPN exists to help brands succeed in the evolving digital marketing world by extracting the most important Amazon advertising metrics to intelligently influence a brand's budget allocation.

In short, we give you KPIs that drive real business results.


Every Channel. Every Ad. Exponential Uplift.

The XPN platform combines your products, ads and marketplaces into a single interface using Tableau and Salesforce, processing billions of data points per impression.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products

Amazon Audio Ads

Audio Ads

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands

Amazon Video OTT Ads

Video / OTT Ads

Amazon Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP

Sales Metrics

Sales Metrics

Combine your brand marketing and sales channel data with unique technology that consolidates it all together to achieve meaningful KPIs.

Advertising Metrics

Combine brand advertising information and break it down by channel. With this information at your fingertips, it's easy to understand which of the channels is helping you achieve your goals.

Advertising Metrics
Traffic and Conversion Metrics

Traffic and Conversion Metrics

Visualize and understand the advertising impact on your traffic, conversions, cost and more.

Brand Search Metrics

Understand your brand's search volume on Amazon to measure awareness efforts on and off the platform. By monitoring this as a normalized daily metric as well as a moving average, you are able to better understand the trends and effects of brand search.

Brand Search Metrics Daily

XPN's proprietary technology extracts all audiences who participated in a user's journey, processing billions of data points on a per-impression level, and providing insights on which audiences to activate or remove to achieve the desired outcome.

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