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WHAT is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a new holistic measurement solution that brings all of your channels together for a unified view of campaign ROI, uplift and incrementality metrics. This allows you to intelligently understand how to distribute budgets to the campaigns that drive the highest conversion. 

WHY Should I Set Up Amazon Marketing Cloud?

When you measure with Amazon Marketing Cloud, you are able to set up attribution models much longer than the defaults with other measurement tools. In fact, you can measure up to a year's worth of data to get an accurate view of the impact of your full-funnel on your bottom line. What's more, with pseudonymized information and cross-media insights, AMC helps you improve personalization as privacy laws rapidly change.

WHO Can Benefit from Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Without Amazon Marketing Cloud, marketers are stuck with siloed data and mixed attribution. With AMC and XPN, marketers can achieve real value and attribution for each advertising channel. This is a game changer for brands that sell on Amazon as well as the Agencies, Account Managers and Strategic Consultants that advise them.

WHEN Should I Set Up Amazon Marketing Cloud?

An Amazon Marketing Cloud instance can be created with as little as 28 days of historical data, and insights are collected for a rolling one year period so you can analyze your full funnel. Even if you don't think you need Amazon Marketing Cloud today, setting it up for free with XPN will ensure you have historical data collecting when you are ready to make the switch.

HOW Can I Set Up Amazon Marketing Cloud?

You won't find a bigger champion for Amazon Marketing Cloud than That's why we're offering to get companies and agencies set up for free. To get it set up, you will need some information such as your annual ad spend, DSP advertising ID and Sponsored Ads Entity ID. But don't worry, we'll help you with all of those steps. Just fill out the form below to see if you qualify.

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