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Metrics-Based Decisions. No Ulterior Motives.

XPN exists to help brands achieve their marketing and advertising goals. We use our experience and technology to extract the most important KPIs influencing the brand’s budget allocation and ROI.

What Makes XPN Different?

Unlike advertising agencies, we are never paid on a percentage of ad spend, which we believe is an incentive to increase your ad spend. Rather, XPN intelligently maximizes your RoAS and ACoS with no budget-based incentives.

We have the brand's best interest at the heart of everything we do. To help them achieve their goals, we build our technologies using the most advanced tools and technologies out there. 

Our Founders

XPN was founded by Roy Loewenberg (former CEO of Contigo) and David Mazvovsky (former CTO of Contigo). Their unique experiences at the internationally-distributed beverage receptacle company from Newell Brands come together as they bring their talent and strengths to this new business.

Roy Loewenberg

Chief Executive Officer

David XPN
David Mazvovsky

Chief Technology Officer

Offices in Lehi, Utah and Tel-Aviv

XPN's proprietary technology extracts all audiences who participated in a user's journey, processing billions of data points on a per-impression level, and providing insights on which audiences to activate or remove to achieve the desired outcome.

Roy Loewenberg

Co-Founder and CEO

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