Next-Level Profitability Insights for Marketplace Advertisers

XPN is laser-focused on delivering first-in-class customer journey analytics on Amazon to uncover the perfect marketing mix that drives real, cross-channel ROI throughout the funnel.

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The Optimization Tool That Delivers
01. Unified Dashboards

Make better decisions faster. See all your Amazon Advertising, Amazon DSP, Sales, and Brand Metrics data in one unified dashboard.

02. Customer Journey Analysis

Go beyond ROAS by diving into how your users are interacting with your different marketing campaigns to discover which channels are working and which are just wasting your budget.

03. Intelligent Budget Allocation

XPN goes beyond basic last-click attribution to analyze your media consumption overlap with advanced attribution models.

Did you know?

Amazon Marketing Cloud

An Amazon Marketing Cloud instance can be created with just 28 days of historical data*. This holistic analytics solution brings data together across Amazon's native ad products, Demand Side Platform (DSP), and your own data sets. The XPN solution reduces the complexity it takes to achieve actionable recommendations backed by data.

  • 100% Secure

  • Privacy-Safe

  • Cloud-Based

  • Data Clean Room Solution

*Some bleeding-edge features require 6 months of data

The XPN Advantage

With XPN, your Amazon marketing insights go beyond traditional advertising metrics like ROAS and ACOS. We believe in long-term sustainable marketing outcomes over short-term gains as we help you optimize your presence on Amazon and beyond.

Customer Journey Analysis
  • Get a full view of the customer journey.

  • Relative attribution across channels.

  • Take the focus off rudimentary last-click attribution.

Holistic Budget Optimization
  • See where your budget overlaps across channels.
  • Discover ad exposure frequency effect on conversion.
  • Focus your brand awareness budget on the right channel.
Unified Dashboards
  • Save time by unifying all sales and marketing data.
  • Compare to the previous period with ease.
  • Powered by industry-leading Tableau CRM solution.
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